Digital classes and open campus

Digital classes and open campus

Digital classes and open campus

Digital classes until April 12.

There will be digital classes until April 12. The only exceptions will be skills training, simulation and work placement.

Campus is open

Campus is open to students, provided that everyone complies with the distance of 2 meters, and all other infection control rules. On all campuses, students and staff must use their access card to enter the building.

Take away library

The physical library is closed but there is a take away service for books available. This service is only offered to students and staff at VID. The service will be limited, in order to uphold infection control guidelines.See updates and opening hours here.

Staff should work from home

All Staff should work from home. Exceptions to this rule must be cleared with the a supervisor og director on campus. Employees with younger children who are affected by the closure of schools and daycare centers should follow up with their immediate supervisor in the same manner as with regular sick leave.

Infection control

Students and staff should wear face masks when on campus, and maintain a distance of at least 2 meters, as well as all other general infection control advice. Both students and staff must use access cards to enter the buildings on campus.